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November 6, 1970


Nipmuc Regional High School
Mendon, MA
Promoter: Dave Meade / Nipmuc Sophomore Class
Reported audience: ~125

Purported set list(s):

Route 66
Rattlesnake Shake
Happenings Ten Years Time Ago
Movin' Out
Think About It
Walkin' the Dog
Live with Me
Great Balls of Fire
Good Times Bad Times
Train Kept A Rollin'


- Social Studies teacher Carl Olson recalled, "Most dances back then were record hops. Having live bands was kind of an unusual thing to do. Still, a group of students convinced me to hire the group. Joe Perry (Aerosmith's guitarist) is from nearby Hopedale and the kids were friendly with him, so we convinced the principal to allow us to take 50 bucks out of the class treasury in order to pay them for the night" (Milford Daily News, 1/23/2005). The gym in which the band performed is now named for Wilho Frigard, who what the school's principal in 1970 — he took some persuading to allow the event.
- While helping out Aerosmith at the time, Dave Meade was a friend of Joe's who had persuaded him to be lead singer of his band, The Witness, before Joe was shipped off to the Vermont Academy. The two continued to play together whenever Joe returned home. Ed Malhoit, who captured photographs of the band at this show, had been the booking agent for Steven's previous band based in Vermont, Fox Chase, and booked some of the early Aerosmith shows in New England.
- Joe Perry: "We had an argument over the volume of my amp... I was still trying to find my voice on guitar as much as the band was trying to find its sound. But I think the source of the argument was much deeper than my amp's volume level and had more to do with Steven's insecurities and perfectionism. He was convinced that the audience would hear every mistake. I think it's perfectly human to make a mistake, and I care more about the overall energy anyway" (Guitar Aficionado, November-December 2014).

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