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November 1970

On Tour: The Grind...

Clones of the Stones or heirs apparent to Jim Morrison or a neo-Dead-End Kids? It ultimately matters not a damn; a half-century of music stands as solid testament to a Boston group that became America's band. In popular culture, the Dead-End Kids were a group of menacing New York City street kids. Punks, in other words, though that term would be appropriated for a style of music that had emerged from the garages of disaffected youths in the late '60s. Early acts wearing the label, willingly or not, included the MC5 and Iggy and The Stooges, with the latter particularly having taken inspiration from the Stones but transformed it to the point of being nearly unrecognizable (apart from a few unfortunate physical analogues). Where the nihilism of the Velvet Underground broke from direct connections with the Warholian art scene, the emerging glitter movement of the early '70s was firmly rooted in style, performance, and attitude not always translating into quality. Aerosmith's goals were simple: To get off playing music and to get people off to their playing. Though Joe Perry also wanted to play loud, pushing the levels until he could see the sonic waves, much to the chagrin of Steven Tyler. The battles were present from the beginning, and conflict and tension fueled Aerosmith to the heights of stardom and popularity while slowly poisoning the band's very soul... [Read More]

6 - Nipmuc Regional High School, Mendon, MA
13 - Town Hall Auditorium, Hopedale, MA
20 - Town Hall, Uptown, MA


26 - The Galleon, Littleton, NH

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