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April 30, 1976


McElroy Auditorium
Waterloo, IA
Promoter: Fox Productions
Other act(s): Rush, Angel (opener)
Reported audience: 10,000 **SOLD-OUT
Reported gross: $60,000

Partial set list(s):

Walkin' the Dog
Walk This Way
Adam's Apple
Lick and A Promise
Same Old Song and Dance
Train Kept A Rollin'
Toys In The Attic


- Reported as the first advance sell-out at the venue, even with some 5,000 fans turned away at the door. The crowding of the venue resulted in safety concerns about an appropriate limit on its capacity being established, with the local fire chief suggesting the capacity of the venue was 6,977 and that concerts should be limited to 7,500. The promoter countered that shows of less than 7,800 would limit the bands that could be booked at the venue.
- From a local review: "Aerosmith played to more than 10,000 happy fans at McElroy Auditorium Friday evening... The thought of 10,000 bodies pressed inside the auditorium was a frightening one; but everything was handled smoothly. A 'rough and raunchy' (as they call themselves) rhythm and blues band, Aerosmith is a crowd pleaser; vocalist Steve Tyler's antics in a devil-red modernistic tuxedo gave the relaxed audience something to watch as well as listen to. For, it seems that the trend in rock and roll today is to give a show that will please all the senses, as this one did indeed. Murky, smoky air took care of the smell and taste, and Aerosmith took over from there. The group is pretty good — no, I should say great — simply because they produce and exciting concert; it doesn't create the urge to buy their albums, but it does make an interesting evening. A show that was fast and interesting led listeners through the group's first album, to their two current hit singles. All members of the five-man group are adequate performers, every now and then, some really exciting musical ideas would emerge... A flurry of frenzied energy, vocalist Tyler really makes this band, and his vocal variations are well planned and executed" (Waterloo Courier, 5/2/76).
- A partial AUD recording circulates from this show.

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