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April 3, 1979


City Auditorium Arena
Omaha, NE
Promoter: Chris Fritz & Co. / Contemporary Productions
Other act(s): Trillion
Reported audience: 8,542 / 12,000 (71.18%)

Set list:


- From a local review: "Has Aerosmith mellowed? Or matured? Or become more sure of itself? Or gone stale? Tuesday night's concert at the City Auditorium Arena raised those questions for at least one in the crowd of 8,542 -- probably more, judging by the number of people heading for the exits immediately after the obligatory first, and only, encore. The problem, if you can call it that, was the band played more skillfully than during its first two Omaha concerts. Last time, in fact, Aerosmith was downright sloppy, and lead singer Steven Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry openly battled on stage. Tuesday night, though, the band was tight and the playing polished. Trouble is, Aerosmith is a high energy band, and when it harnesses the energy in the interest of good musicianship, the spark seems to fade a bit. In other words, Aerosmith is a 'people's band,' not a critic's band...

The group may have made things harder for itself by not playing as many of the hits as usual. It did perform 'Walk This Way,' 'Come Together,' and 'Train Kept a Rollin',' the old Yardbirds number that is Aerosmith's trademark concert closer, but 'Dream On' was skipped. Possibly the group finally realized that Tyler's voice seldom can reach the song's high notes after a long night of singing. Also, 'Dream On' is a slow number, and every song performed Tuesday night was up-tempo. Aerosmith stressed its blues roots, with Tyler playing occasional harmonica on such blues oldies as 'Big 10-Inch Record.' Tyler certainly did his best to keep things fired up, waving his streamer-decorated microphone stand and running through his full neo-Mick Jagger repertoire of prancing and grimaces. Then again, maybe that act is wearing a bit thin, too" (Omaha World-Herald, 4/4/79).

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