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June 30, 1979


Stage 1
Clarence, NY
Promoter: Harvey & Corky Presentations
Other act(s): None.
Reported audience: 400 **SOLD-OUT

Set list:


- From a local review: "Last Saturday night was hardly an ordinary one for many area rock fans patronizing Harvey & Corky's Stage 1. A different kind of anticipation, and even mystery, surrounded the place with the news that some Boston group, Dr. J. Jones and the Interns, was to perform that evening. Or at least that was the belief running the musical grapevine, and the skeptics. However, many of us were quickly convinced by the attendants, posted at all entrances, barring entry to even the lot without a ticket. The "sold out" sign on the door along with the scalpers (asking almost $20 for $4.50 tickets) was the final proof. Later, $13 poorer, my suspicions were confirmed: the fictitious Dr. J. Jones and his Interns weren't coming -- Aerosmith was. Inside, after an hour and a half of pushing, shoving, and near brawls for standing room, Aerosmith entered to thunderous cheers.

The band put on a show (not unlike their bigger concerts) and never seemed to ease off with the lack of a stadium-sized crowd. Lead singer Steve Tyler (clad in tight red satin) shook hands with the fans up front and proceeded to be as verbally and visually obscene as his reputation has it. Tyler's vocals were as raspy and tough as everyone expected. Guitarists Joe Perry and Brad Whitford were in good form despite lacking some of their recorded luster. The band played at least three songs off their soon-to-be-released album; and though they were well received, they didn't evoke the response quite like the favorites ('My Big Ten Inch,' 'Walk This Way,' their Sgt. Pepper hit, 'Come Together' and especially 'Sweet Emotion') did. The 'oldies' were the highlight of their two 45-minute sets" (The Spectrum, 7/6/79).

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