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July 2, 1979


C.N.E. Stadium
Toronto, ON, Canada
Promoter: Concert Productions International
Other act(s): Ted Nugent, Nazareth, Johnny Winter, Ramones, Goddo, Moxy
Reported audience: ~50,000

Set list:

Train Kept A Rollin'
S.O.S. (Too Bad)
Mama Kin
Big Ten Inch Record
Reefer Head Woman
Lick And A Promise
Think About It
Seasons Of Wither
Bone To Bone
Lord Of The Thighs
Sweet Emotion
Get the Lead Out
Walk This Way
Draw The Line
Same Old Song and Dance
Rats In The Cellar
Milk Cow Blues
Toys In The Attic


- The "Canadian World Music Festival 1979."
- From a local review: "Aerosmith headlined the festival. They deserved that status. Those Ottawans who witnessed this band's performance a year ago last December at the Civic Centre would not recognize last night's explosive set as belonging to the same musicians. In Ottawa, they slopped out low-energy noise. Last night they ripped out excruciatingly high-powered rock. Steve Tyler, vocalist and visual focal point of Aerosmith, was a non-stop energy source of snakeskin and silk scarfs. The band was loose enough to bring out its flavor but at the same time so kinetic that one felt the tower of amplifiers and speakers might cringe under the pressure. Aerosmith's appeal is their ragged stage delivery and reckless musicianship. They give an image common enough for their audience to identify with, and in so doing provide a good fantasy for listeners to 'dream on'. Aside from old favorites the band played three songs from a forthcoming unnamed album which included a bluesy number called 'Reefer Headed Woman,' which points to their new musical direction. The Canadian World Music Festival will be the biggest concert in the area this summer, which is just as well. It would be a tough act to follow" (Ottawa Journal, 7/3/79).
- From another local review: "The evening hours of the munificent Canadian World Music Festival (an event which surely had certain Fathers of Confederation turning over in their graves) are the hours specifically set aside for Star Time, but it was one of the curiosities of the event that two of the three headliners were acts which could well be considered to be in popular decline. Of Nazareth, Aerosmith, and Ted Nugent, only the latter is still enjoying healthy and rising album sales, and one wonders what per cent of the 50,000-plus audience would have been in attendance had not Nugent, the Head Gonzo of pain-rock, not been on the bill... There was little the headliners, Aerosmith, could have done to top Nugent. The fact that they even tried was a point in their favor. Aerosmith's late set was like a denouement. Not only was their sound system muddied and static-filled in comparison to Nugent's, but their attempt to build slowly was a mistake after Nugent's pyrotechnics. Their music was powerful but controlled, and the trickle of fans leaving at the beginning of their set became a steady stream as the set progressed late into the night. Had they preceded Nugent, or even Nazareth for that matter, they would have come off much better. All told, the Canadian World Music Festival ran a nerve-shattering 12 hours. Those who endured every mega-decibel minute will, like Dan McCafferty, have something to tell their kids. They were there, and survived" (Toronto Globe & Mail, 7/3/79).

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