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December 5, 1979


Veterans Memorial Arena
Binghamton, NY
Promoter: Cedric Kushner / Magic City Productions
Other act(s): Scorpions
Reported audience: 7,200 **SOLD-OUT

Set list:


- First show of the "Night in the Ruts" tour which followed three day of final production rehearsals at the venue.
- From a local review: "Aerosmith, one of America's most popular hard-rock bands, opened its three-month national tour with a blast last night at the Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena. The arena was filled to capacity. The concert's 7,200 tickets -- all general admission -- had been sold out four weeks before the concert. A purple haze accompanied Aerosmith as the band opened its 90-minute set, and a well-designed stage show followed through the course of the evening. The group did a fine job performing a number of its past hits but managed to come off with a few misses. Aerosmith had spent the last three days setting up the tour's premier show. The most effective number of the night was Aerosmith's 1975 top-ten hit, 'Dream On,' followed close behind by the encore, their well-arranged rendition of the Beatles song 'Come Together,' which the group performed in the film version of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. Naturally, Aerosmith played quite a few songs from the latest album, 'Night in the Ruts.' Although cuts from this disc weren't all bad, it seemed that the audience preferred the band's earlier music. 'Reefer Head Woman' was a particularly weak number.

Crowd control at the arena seemed well-organized, with a standard contingent of 18 to 20 security men on duty. Earlier this week 11 people were killed at a rock concert in Cincinnati when the crowd rushed for the doors. Broome's arena is designed so concertgoers must walk up a long ramp, and police limit the number of people allowed onto the ramp at any given time. All the rock fans questioned at last night's concert said they doubted that dangerous crowding could occur while people were entering the Arena... Joe Perry, the group's original lead guitarist and music writer, recently left Aerosmith to form his own group. This is Aerosmith's first tour without Perry. He has been replaced by Jimmy Crespo; the former lead guitarist of a group called Flame. Last night Crespo's skill proved a sufficient substitute for Perry's, and listeners did not seem to notice much change in the quality of the music. The vitality of lead Singer Steven Tyler created a high energy level on stage, which Aerosmith managed to maintain all through the show... All in all, however, rock fans were thrilled by last night's concert, and showed it with the wild enthusiasm that Binghamton's young audiences are known for" (Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulletin, 12/6/79).

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