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December 27, 1979


Market Square Arena
Indianapolis, IN
Promoter: Sunshine Promotions
Other act(s): Mother's Finest, Roadmaster
Reported audience: ~18,200 / 19,000 (95.79%)

Set list:


- 56 patrons were arrested during this show. For the second year running, readers of the Indianapolis News voted this show the worst concert of 1979... The show was, at the time, the final event hosted without reserved seating.
- From a local review: "Tyler and company roared into town for the fourth time in four years last night and for the fourth time more than 18,000 filled the hall. Which brings us to the most important question: Why? The answers surely will come via mail in the next week or so. Unlike respectable bands such as Kansas and Foreigner, who took Led Zeppelin's idea of the late '60s and polished it in the '70s, Aerosmith has failed to grow beyond its 1976 level. Tyler is still a poor imitation of the original white prancer, Mick Jagger, and Aerosmith never has been able to surpass the talents of Zep, a group that has managed to keep up with the times. Last night's show had all the pitfalls of a hard rock concert -- a stacked P.A. at the corners of the stage, overwhelming instrumentals, muddy vocals and a shoddy stage presentation. Only decent opening sets from Mother's Finest and Roadmaster saved this show from a one-star rating, which is given to anyone who shows up on stage. Although the most ardent Aerosmith fan will probably disagree (because he and she were probably screaming so loud they could hear no one else), last night's crowd just wasn't into the show like an audience can be for high-energy concerts of this sort.

Perhaps the best example of this came when Tyler assumed the crowd was singing the chorus to 'Walk This Way.' Just as he does at all the shows when he gets to the chorus, Tyler turned the microphone to the audience to let it sing while he remained silent. The result? Silence. The crowd wasn't singing along, but it finally caught on and finished out its part. The song, one of the group's best recorded efforts, turned into one of the show's worst with Tyler and the band on two slightly varying tempos. Tyler's slower vocals finally caught up with the instrumentals. Tyler became so disgusted with the fellows at the sound board that he stopped in the middle of 'Same Old Song and Dance' and told the audience to pass the word back to the sound board to 'turn the (expletive deleted) drums up'" (Indianapolis News, 12/28/79).

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