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November 7, 1982


Stabler Arena @ Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA
Promoter: Makoul Productions
Other act(s): Pat Travers, Rose Tattoo
Reported audience: 6,164 / 6,300 (97.84%)
Reported gross: $61,640

Set list(s):

Back In The Saddle
Big Ten Inch Record
Three Mile Smile
Reefer Head Woman
Lord Of The Thighs
Bolivian Ragamuffin
Lick And A Promise
Jig Is Up
Mama Kin
Sweet Emotion
Dream On
Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)
Lightning Strikes
Walk This Way
Same Old Song And Dance
Milk Cow Blues
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'


- Joining the band on the tour was keyboard player, and backing vocalist, Bob Mayo, who had played with Peter Frampton and had just come off 14-months on the road with Foreigner. By that time, he had also recorded with Joey, Jimmy, and Tom for the Renegade project. Impressively, five songs from the "Rock in a Hard Place" album were performed at this show.
- From a local review: "Aerosmith in concert always has been a motley mixture of color, noise, glam and merry prurient sleaze. At Lehigh University's Stabler Arena last night, the veteran Boston-based band performed before 6,400 fans who welcomed their heroes with a jubilant frenzy no doubt brought about in large measure by the band's three-year absence from rock-'n'-roll wonderland. Certainly, there were no surprises. The riffs were in the right place. The strobe lights flashed on time. And vocalist Steven Tyler knew precisely when to act like Mick Jagger. Trouble was, the band sounded hopelessly dated. Protracted soloing and sluggish tempos no longer are the cornerstones of contemporary hard rock. Today's hip noisemakers pack their licks into tighter, brighter arrangements, while at the same time pay homage to their rock-blues roots. Of course, this has been documented many times before. Let's just say Aerosmith has some homework to catch up on. Especially guitarists Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo, the latter replacing Joe Perry who had the good sense to leave the band three years ago.

The undynamic duo did put some spunk into a wild version of 'Jailbait,' overlaying the song's herky-jerky rhythm with searing, spiraling leads. But too often, notably on 'Lord of the Thighs,' they merely indulged on their fretboards, prompting at least one concertgoer to search out the soft drink stand. In all fairness, though, the crowd responded enthusiastically to all-time Aerosmith faves 'Sweet Emotion' and 'Dream On' plus 'Mama Kin,' a surprise selection culled from the band's debut LP. Musical considerations aside, the Aerosmith persona also needs a quick overhaul, coming as it does from the mid-'70s broom closet: leather, headbands, rings and sequined scarves. Tyler's microphone was decked out with colored streamers, f'rcryingoutloud! Talk about time warps. So, considering all this lunacy, one could have thanked Pat Travers for lending some respectability to last night's double-bill show" (Allentown Morning Call, 11/8/82).
- An AUD recording circulates from this show.

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