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November 17, 1982


Civic Center
Providence, RI
Promoter: Frank J. Russo
Other act(s): Pat Travers, Rose Tattoo
Reported audience: ~10,000 / 14,000 (71.43%)

Set list(s):



- Several fans were mugged outside the venue following the show resulting in one bringing a $2 million suit against the band, promoter, venue, and city. Two other fans were assaulted with baseball bats and their tickets stolen. From local press: "Most people who go to rock concerts bring tickets and money, and a lot bring liquor and marijuana. But some are beginning to bring baseball bats. That's how some fans came to the Aerosmith concert at the Civic Center last night, and the results were broken teeth, bloody noses and at least one young man hospitalized with serious head injuries... In all, 13 persons were arrested on charges that included assault, possession of narcotics, delivery of narcotics, obstructing police officers, malicious mischief and disorderly conduct. A 17-year-old Cranston girl, who was ejected from the Civic Center, screamed angrily on the steps near the soldiers' memorial and kicked over a 50-gallon trash container filled with beer cans and bottles. The trash spilled into the street. Then she did the same to a second trash container. Two Providence police officers grabbed her wrists and quietly asked her several times to stop yelling and pick up the litter. She continued to yell and struggle and then, according to police, kicked one of the officers in the groin. She was immediately handcuffed and charged with assault. Police later released her in the custody of her parents, pending a Family Court hearing. Some concertgoers threw rocks. Ptlm. Ralph Garofano was hit twice. He shrugged off the first rock, which grazed his head about 9:20. But the second, which hit him in the cheek, sent him to St. Joseph Hospital for treatment. The same rock thrower also hit Ptlm. Dennis C. Lambert, according to police. A 16-year-old Fall River youth was arrested and charged with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. He was released to his parents, pending action in Family Court" (Providence Journal, 11/18/82).

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