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November 26, 1982


Civic Arena
Pittsburgh, PA
Promoter: Danny Kresky Enterprises
Other act(s): Pat Travers, Rose Tattoo
Reported audience: (17,500 capacity)

Set list(s):



- From a local review: "The natives were pretty restless, but they finally got Aerosmith at the Civic Arena last night in some of the hardest rock music of its kind. The three-ring marathon concert began at 7:30 with Rose Tattoo and continued with Pat Travers and his band as a second warmup... 'Festival seating' — that maniacal invention that gave us the Who concert disaster in Cincinnati — was employed for the arena's floor space, and boy is it a hazard. People were being squished against the stage down front, but, surprisingly, no paramedics were required. Police, on the other hand, were required to help break up some spirited fistfights that helped pass the time at intermission. After the endless interval, Aerosmith finally materialized for a relentless set of the 'butt-kickin', boogie-woogie rock 'n' roll' that is the group's trademark. Vocalist Steven Tyler is Aerosmith's leading light. His rasping voice and bouncing antics make him — not unintentionally — the band's functional equivalent of Mick Jagger, whose decadent delivery he emulates and embellishes. He was powerfully backed by bassist Tom Hamilton, drummer Joey Kramer, and guitarists Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo.

The androgynous Tyler, in black leather-fringed duds and one dangling earing, stomped the stage authoritatively, which is saying something considering that he ripped off a heel in a 1979 motorcycle accident, and it took him a long time to recover. There's a heavy-duty relationship at work between Aerosmith and the fans. Tyler whips 'em into a frenzy by playing touchy-feely with the zanies down front, and then the stagehands and bodyguards beat them back into line. Sort of a sadomasochistic Pavlovian conditioned response. Tyler the showman rubs backs with the guitarists and also does a lot of bizarre things with his stand-up microphone. If he doesn't exactly make love to it, it's at least the heaviest petting you've seen in a long time. But then he's known for eccentric behavior... If I write one more time about the excruciating decibel levels these days, they're going to send me my AARP membership early. But honestly — it's Pain City. Even Tyler had to hold left index finger in left ear on some songs, presumably to avoid (more) damage. Aside from pain, it is difficult even to concentrate on what is essentially a very good, very disciplined band that makes exciting music. Forget lyrics entirely, unless you know them in advance" (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 11/27/82).

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