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December 8, 1982


Richfield (Cincinnati), OH
Promoter: Belkin Productions
Other act(s): Nazareth, Rose Tattoo
Reported audience: ~12,500 / 17,500 (71.43%)

Set list(s):



- From a local review: "It's hard telling what Steve Tyler was hopped-up about Wednesday. But whatever it was, it seemed to him in a nasty mood and make him spit and swear a lot more than usual. It also detracted considerably from what otherwise might have been a mighty showing for him and his band, Aerosmith, after more than a two-year absence from the Coliseum in Richfield. Despite the skinny singer's preoccupation with just about everything from crowd and security to the sound system and assorted refreshments surrounding Joey Kramer's drum kit, the band still managed to put a powerful — albeit erratic — 90 minutes the thundering sounds that lifted them to rock superstardom in '70s. The addition of guitarists Rick Dufay and Jimmy Crespo in place of Brad Whitford and co-founder Joe Perry doesn't seem to have noticeably diminished the band's effectiveness. Though both occasionally appeared uncertain on stage, their licks were raw-edged and full of fire and meshed well with Kramer's crisp drumming and Tom Hamilton's ever-solid bass work. The problem was that every time the band built a head of steam, Tyler would shut it down... Only a of tunes into set, he was signaling to the sound man, then repeatedly storming off stage to have words with him and eventually yelling right into the microphone at him. Later, he focused on the 11,000 in the audience, swearing at them for not showing more emotion ('Don't you know how to express yourselves?') and issuing instructions for to ignore security personnel. All the while, he was spewing gobs of saliva and streams of some kind of beverage all over the stage... The band is still at least capable of picking up where it left off in the late '70s. But something will have to be done about Tyler" (Akron Beacon Journal, 12/9/82).
- From another local review: "Aerosmith was back in the saddle at the Coliseum last night with a rejuvenated band — two new members and an added keyboard player. Good thing. Lead singer Steven Tyler, pale looking in a black outfit with fringed panels, wasn't his usual exuberant self. He seemed to be fighting a headache, once leaning his forehead up against an amplifier as the lights faded. He scowled, rather than smiled, and sang with his eyes closed most of the time, rarely making eye contact with the audience. About halfway through, just before 'Sweet Emotion,' he suddenly stopped and sat down at the front of the stage and swore at the crowd for its reactions. The people in back were 'getting off' more than the ones up front, he said. 'I'm not asking for a riot, but do you know how to express yourselves?' he asked. 'F-- it, we're only here once a year.' Then he cussed out the men in yellow shirts (Hall Security) and told the crowd not to pay attention to them.

Tyler did make a valiant effort, even if his 'Cry Me a River' wasn't as poignant as on the latest 'Rock in a Hard Place' LP. The sound was a little murky on this and Tyler punctuated it by spitting on the floor. 'Reefer Head Woman' was a knockout. Joey Kramer outdid himself on the drums and Tyler pulled out his mouth organ. Bassist Tom Hamilton had said the band was more of a unit now, not just Tyler and lead guitarist Joe Perry up front. True. Rick Dufay, the new rhythm guitarist, was the showpiece of the musicians, jumping down in front of the stage, dancing around and keeping up visual fireworks. New lead guitarist Jimmy Crespo, replacing Perry, didn't move much, but did fine work on his guitar. The band was tight, though at times it was hard to tell because it was so loud, and the mix seemed muddy. The band's 'Dream On' was given a good play, but its old 'Walk This Way,' with a more staccato rhythm, topped that. Those who have not seen Tyler before might have been impressed, but we Aerosmith watchers know he can do better. As we left the backstage area, a reporter said that Tyler had complained of a strep throat that afternoon" (Plain Dealer, 12/10/82).

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