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December 9, 1982


Maple Leaf Gardens
Toronto, ON, Canada
Other act(s): Nazareth, Rose Tattoo
Reported audience: ~15,000 / 19,000 (78.95%)

Set list(s):

Back In The Saddle
Mama Kin
Big Ten Inch Record
Three Mile Smile
Reefer Head Woman
Rock In A Hard Place (Cheshire Cat)
Lord Of The Thighs
Bitches Brew
Lick And A Promise
Jig Is Up
Sweet Emotion
Dream On
Lightning Strikes
Walk This Way
Milk Cow Blues
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'


- Robert Lawson (Author, "Razama-Snaz!: The Listener's Guide To Nazareth"): "Scotland's Nazareth had dominated much of the 70's hard rock landscape with stellar albums such as 'Razamanaz' (1973}, 'Loud n Proud' (1973), 'Hair of the Dog' (1975), 'Expect No Mercy' (1977) and 'No Mean City' (1979). But after the departure of guitarist Zal Cleminson, whose presence had done so much to invigorate the band, and a pretty solid double live album 'Snaz,' fortunes were changing. By 1982 Nazareth were supporting their most recent album 2XS featuring the single 'Love Hurts' written by new member axe-slinger Billy Rankin. The album was a slightly slicker affair then previous releases and unfortunately didn't make much of an impact on the charts (#122 in the U.S.). Subsequent albums would continue this trend (the band eventually reclaimed their status of releasing quality albums by the early 90's). Although still a potent live act the band no longer would headline arenas in North American. Nazareth joined the new Mk 4 incarnation of Aerosmith on the 'Rock in a Hard Place' tour for a series of dates as that group slowly imploded." Nazareth had headlined the same venue the previous year.
- From a local review: "Thursday night at Maple Leaf Gardens, a trio of rock acts which included two has-beens and one never-was managed to draw a nearly full house on what had to be the coldest night of the season. The fact that the total record sales of Aerosmith, Nazareth and Rose Tattoo (has-been, has-been, never-was, respectively) over the last two years probably wouldn't add up to one gold record over-all doesn't seem to matter to the heavy metal fans. Like Toronto's wrestling and hockey crowds, they don't really seem to care what the draw is, as long as they get their regular fix. How else to explain it? ... It [Nazareth] was a hard act for Aerosmith to follow, but it succeeded largely on the strength of strong audience support. I've never understood Aerosmith's success or staying power. Somehow this Boston-based band has managed to combine the strident Jagger-esque vocals of Steven Tyler with a crunching but unappealing twin guitar attack and stay in business for more than a decade. Thursday night, Aerosmith, too, presented a show that was basically just another rerun. There was Tyler, ever fey in swirling scarves, wailing out 'Back in The Saddle Again' to an audience of Bic-flicking kids, most of whom hadn't even graduated kindergarten when Tyler perfected this act. In this battle of tired old warhorses, give the nod to Nazareth, with Aerosmith closing fast at the finish. Rose Tattoo barely got out of the gate" (Toronto Globe & Mail, 12/11/82).
- An AUD recording circulates from this show.

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