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January 6, 1983


Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, CA
Promoter: Avalon Attractions / Beach Club
Other act(s): Pat Travers
Reported audience: 13,000 **SOLD-OUT
Reported gross: $149,692

Set list(s):



- From a local review: "The big question surrounding red-hot Aerosmith in the mid-'70s was whether this Boston-based band was too much like the Rolling Stones. Most critics felt they were. But the band's staunch fans, including this one, argued that Aerosmith was more than just a copy. To us, the hard-rock outfit had its own fresh, driving sound. The Stones connection seemed mostly superficial: Singer Steve Tyler resembled Mick Jagger, and both groups worked the same blues-based rock territory. But Aerosmith's sold-out concert Thursday night at the Long Beach Arena suggested the other critics may have been right. This was an Aerosmith that has slipped into middle or even old age, as rock bands go, and this 'big return' show after an absence of almost five years in Los Angeles did remind me of one of the Stones' many comebacks. Just as on those Stones second (or third or fourth) comings, the enthusiastic fans greeted Aerosmith on Thursday with a roaring chorus of applause and yells, lit matches in salute, waved banners and threw several scarves at the ever-be-scarved Tyler's feet. And even more than the Stones, Aerosmith is now concentrating on evoking its peak days rather than exploring anything new. Like Jagger & Co., these guys are very good at it.

Opening with the aptly titled 'Back in the Saddle,' they concentrated on their better-known oldies during the 90-minute show. Even the few selections from the group's new LP sounded like excellent pastiches of the past biggies, capsule summaries similar to what the Stones did with songs like 'Start Me Up.' To keep the Stones comparison going, Aerosmith is also missing a founder-guitarist. And there was surely some grumbling Thursday that the group's music isn't as dynamic without Joe Perry. If Aerosmith's intention, however, was to put on a typical Aerosmith show and nothing more, they succeeded. Tyler wore his scarves and struck the same old but still effective rock-star poses. His strong voice has faded a bit, but he still moves well through witty lyrics in a way that suggests he's racing to squeeze in as many words as possible between the booming riffs. But there's a danger in sticking too closely to the past. Even the Stones sound flat on some nights. You just can't get the same stimulation hearing the same songs done in the same way again and again. At some point, a band has got to come up with new ideas. Besides interesting new material, the Stones live get away with avoiding cobwebs through Jagger's charisma and warmth. Unfortunately, Tyler seemed distant most of the night. You wonder if his heart is really in it anymore. The fans seemed satisfied, but this may have been a last hurrah unless the group offers something more than replays next time" (Los Angeles Times, 1/8/83).

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