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January 26, 1983


Civic Center
Bismarck, ND
Promoter: John Bauer Concert Company
Other act(s): Pat Travers
Reported audience: ~3,500 / 8,200 (42.68%)

Set list(s):



- From a local review: "For the second time in less than a month the Bismarck Civic Center brought in a big-name rock group, and for the second time, as a movie producer once said, the public stayed away in droves. Not that Wednesday night's Aerosmith concert attendance was sparse. Approximately 3,500 were there, estimated Harlo Thon, assistant manager of the Civic Center, which edged it ahead of December's KISS concert. Like many of its concerts, the Civic Center was not financially involved in staging the event, Thon said; the risk, and almost certain loss, on Wednesday's concert was absorbed by the promoters. Ticket prices of $10 may have deterred some rock fans, but Thon said he thought the necessity of bringing in Aerosmith on a weeknight may have hurt the most. Many in the crowd were from Jamestown, Dickinson and a host of small towns between and beyond, and Thon said fans from the states and provinces surrounding North Dakota came to the concert, but not as many out-of-towners showed up as producers usually count on in staging a major concert.

The small crowd for Aerosmith, and KISS before it, are the exception rather than the rule, Thon said. In the last year, circumstances led the Civic Center to stage an unprecedented string of major concerts, including rock, country and pop performers, and almost all were successful, Thon said. The 15-20-minute intermission that is normal between a warm-up performer in this case rock singer Pat Travers — and the main attraction stretched to over an hour Wednesday night. The delay was reportedly due to Aerosmith's lead singer, Steve Tyler's, star temperament. After playing to at least one, concert of over 300,000 fans, Tyler was reluctant to have his group stage a full-scale concert for little more than 1 percent of that in Bismarck. And throughout the hour-long set, Tyler scolded the audience for its inhibition. Ironically, Aerosmith played few of its best-known songs, though it has been placing singles on the chart since 1975. Though those were precisely the numbers that brought the most enthusiastic response from the audience, Aerosmith mostly performed songs off its new LP, 'Rock In a Hard Place,' which its present tour is designed to promote" (Bismarck Tribune, 1/27/80).

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