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February 6, 1983


Five Seasons Center
Cedar Rapids, IA
Promoter: Jam Productions
Other act(s): Pat Travers
Reported audience: ~7,000 / 10,000 (70%)

Set list(s):



- From a local review: "One of Aerosmith's fans got carried away at the group's concert last night at the Five Seasons Center literally. During their 'old chestnut,' 'Sweet Emotion,' the blonde-haired lass beckoned to lead singer Steven Tyler from the massive crowd crammed in against the Five Seasons Center stage. Tyler pulled her onstage after the words 'Here I am' were heard, and the unidentified young woman managed to sing a chorus with Tyler before she was whisked offstage by a 'roadie.' Ten minutes later, she was back in the crowd, beckoning again from someone's shoulders. This was about halfway into their set, and it kicked off the excitement that followed a rather plain first half. Perhaps it's because Aerosmith saved their more recognizable hits for last. And one wonders whether their new material will ever be as recognizable as, say, 'Dream On,' or 'Walk this Way,' on which the crowd of 7,000 took over for the chorus Sunday night. By then, both crowd and band were having a good time.

Newer Aerosmith material is faster paced than their plodding, heavy sound of yore. Fortunately, lead singer Tyler restrains himself from letting his voice sink into a shriek, as so many lead singers these days seem to do. A band has to progress, but Aerosmith treads a path taken by others, losing a bit of originality as they do. Feed that new sound through a system that distorted Tyler, and you have an audience waiting for excitement to happen. So, if Aerosmith is telling reporters around the country that their lyrics are 'explicit,' as reported in Friday's Gazette, it's hard to tell. Tyler's voice just became lost amid the work of lead guitar Jim Crespo, bassist Tom Hamilton, guitarist Rick Dufay and drummer Joey Kramer. But that isn't to say any of the five weren't trying last night. They performed" (Cedar Rapids Gazette, 2/7/83).

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