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February 21, 1983


Civic Center
Glens Falls, NY
Other act(s): Anvil
Reported audience: (8,400 capacity)

Set list(s):



- The Civic Center's take from the show was $7,418. At the time, this show attracted the largest number of patrons to ever attend a rock show at the venue. Up to 200 patrons were also ejected from the show...
- From a local review: "Aerosmith is a rock group. It plays loudly. It uses in an evening sufficient wattage to illuminate the Town of Fort Ann for ten minutes. Aerosmith played at the Civic Center Monday night. I attended to celebrate an anniversary. Thirty-two years ago, that night, I first heard and reviewed Elvis Presley. I wanted to experience, before my ultimate lapse into senility, what had happened to rock in the interim: not much, yet a multitude of things... After a too-long intermission, in which canned rock undifferentiated from actual performance blasted away, Aerosmith did its stint. The group's lead, Steve Tyler, ought to have been a revival minister: if a man can make the stoned seem alive, no sinner could withstand his message... With Tyler and company, the show's the thing. They trucked in enough lighting to reproduce First Day. Everything's worked out. So many beats, so many paces, a series of hue changes (garish, but striking). A random walk across the stage by the lead guitarist finds him in a keyed light.

Tyler, fetchingly costumed in a cerise or heliotrope caftan, an aniline green jerkin and pantyhose (it seemed), with knee-high boots, is two thirds of the act. He wails a Leadbelly-style harmonica, sings, rides a microphone stand like a hobbyhorse, whacks at the drums alongside the drummer. It's all lunatic, but slick. Even if at times I thought I was caught in a unique Circle of the Inferno, it was a helluva lot of fun. It's a pity the kids weren't sensate enough to enjoy it. Even their howls of approval were sedate. At any rate, as we fogies say, there used to be a Golden Age which, in fact, never was. There was as much tinsel and—brass back when Elvis and I were young. But it was a good deal less harmful to eardrums" (Glens Falls Post Star, 2/23/83).

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