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February 24, 1983


War Memorial Auditorium
Syracuse, NY
Promoter: Freefall Presentations
Other act(s): Anvil
Reported audience: (8,200 capacity)

Set list(s):

Back In The Saddle
Mama Kin
Big Ten Inch Record
Three Mile Smile
Lord Of The Thighs
Lick And A Promise
Sweet Emotion
Dream On
Lightning Strikes
Walk This Way
Milk Cow Blues
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'


- From a local review: "Unlike the heavy-metal bands who are primarily concerned with form and rhythm, and the new music practitioners who are interested in synthesizing a new sound and approach to pop music, Aerosmith's music is firmly grounded in the blues roots that spawned much of the '60s and 70s hard rock. Surprisingly, though, the audience that attended last night's show was fairly young, and certainly wasn't the group that bought all the records that brought Aerosmith their initial success... Little in the concert lineup was of recent vintage. Instead, the old warhorses were given preferential treatment. 'Sweet Emotion,' 'Dream On,' 'Walk This Way,' 'Toys in The Attic,' and 'Ten Inch Record' were the linchpins of the set, with only a few newer tunes interspersed during the hour-long performance. While the group's playing wasn't exactly inspired, it was enjoyable, especially during the middle of the set when the band stretched out a bit and let both their age and roots show through. For some in the audience, though, it seemed as if the highpoint of the show was during the obligatory drum solo when the drummer proved how capable (?) he was by playing his kit with his forehead. Steven Tyler, the group's vocalist, seems to have toned down the Jagger-inspired mannerisms that used to be a bone of contention with his critics in the past. That he superficially looks like Jagger and has a fondness for dressing in jumpsuits and with flowing scarves ala Jagger wasn't much help either. His movements onstage and between song patter last night gave the audience a strong focal point for its attention, and his voice seems to have lost little of its strength over the years. There may not have been a huge audience applauding Aerosmith's music last night, but those who were there obviously felt the band had provided a worthwhile evening's entertainment" (Syracuse Post Standard, 2/25/83).
- An AUD recording circulates from this show.

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