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July 6, 1984


Norfolk, VA
Promoter: Whisper Concerts
Other act(s): Orion the Hunter
Reported audience: (13,800 capacity)

Set list(s):

Back In The Saddle
Mama Kin
Bone To Bone
Big Ten-Inch Record
Three Mile Smile
Reefer Head Woman
Lord Of The Thighs
No More No More
Get the Lead Out
Last Child
Lightning Strikes
Same Old Song And Dance
Dream On
Sweet Emotion
Walk This Way
Milk Cow Blues
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'


- From a local review: "Attending a rock concert at Scope can be a nerve-shattering experience. Besides the wretched acoustics, which transform musical notes into hellish noise, there's that omnipresent danger of having your head bashed in by something hurled your way. Or launched. At the Aerosmith concert Friday night, foot-long rockets (the real thing, left over from July 4,), [and] hundreds of firecrackers and assorted other bric-a-brac were among the objects that zoomed through the air... Which was somewhat grotesque, considering that the band's lead singer, Steven Tyler, had been severely injured when an M-80, hurled by a lunatic fan, exploded in his face during a concert on the group's last tour. Perhaps that was a grim sign that the band should call it quits. But the show, as they say, must go on. Unfortunately, in Aerosmith's case it is a dismal show. It wasn't simply that Aerosmith was lousy Friday night. Rather, the group was so bad the musicians seemed pathetic, even comical.

Watching Tyler and led guitarist Joe Perry lamely leap about on stage in their goony getups (Tyler in a flame-red kimono and hat) as the band churned out witless, repetitious, mind-numbing music, I couldn't help thinking of some of the comic book weirdos Spiderman used to encounter. Of course, Aerosmith is anything but funny to most of the group's fans, who screamed, roared and held cigarette lighters aloft throughout the show. They were charmed by the band's rhythm section, powered by Brad Whitford (guitar) and Joey Kramer (drums), who nailed down the tempo with all the subtlety of a bunch of jackhammers and pneumatic drills. Nor did anyone appear even slightly upset that the lyrics were completely unintelligible. Such aesthetic considerations are trifling matters for Aerosmith fans. No, the fans, mostly teenagers, seemed intent on being part of a mass, a primal rite. The blood-curdling screams, the hypnotic rhythms, the sledgehammer attack — the more deafening the noise, the better" (Norfolk Daily Press, 7/9/84).
- An incomplete AUD recording circulates from this show. It's missing the songs following Joey's drum solo.

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