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January 15, 1985


Rupp Arena
Lexington, KY
Promoter: Future Entertainment / Belkin Productions
Other act(s): Autograph
Reported audience: ~4,000 / 9,250 (43.24%)

Set list(s):



- From a local review: "Some things never change, and as far as rock music is concerned, Aerosmith is one of them. The Boston-based quintet started off as a cocky, earsplitting, goofy rock outfit, and last night at Rupp Arena its members showed they were all that and more as a crowd of 4,000 cheered them on... The original lineup opened last night with 'Rats in the Cellar,' from their 1976 album, 'Rocks,' which is still their finest effort. Almost at once, vocalist Steven Tyler, donning a white tuxedo, was off and running in scattered circles around the stage. Tyler remains one of the oddest frontmen for a rock band anywhere. At one point during the show, he would do somersaults or wave the microphone stand in the air as though it were a baton. At other times he would stalk slowly to a corner of the stage, bend over and slam his hands on his ears as if he had a migraine (or maybe it was just a subtle hint for the sound crew). Antics like that, few of which were initiated by the music, reflected the uneven nature of the first half of the concert. Hits such as 'Last Child' just seemed to lumber along, and even Perry was holding himself in check, allowing Whitford the bulk of the soloing.

But when Tyler left the stage to allow Perry to solo and sing lead on, of all things, a cover of 'Red House,' Perry began cranking it out. While his vocals are pretty flat and thin, Perry made a very convincing statement of his instrumental abilities. When Tyler returned, the band finally kicked into place, ushering in hit after hit from their mid-'70s heyday. It was during this segment that one really had to be amazed at just how popular Aerosmith was for a few years, and how many FM hits they chalked up in such a short time. Oddly enough, the band was at its tightest on 'Lightning Strikes,' which was pulled from 1982's Rock and a Hard Place, the only album recorded without Perry and Whitford. The song still has a direct, spontaneous feel to it that was lacking a bit in some of the older songs. The remainder of the show was pretty sloppy, and the sound mix was a mess, with Tyler's vocals fading in and out of most songs. During the encore of 'Train Kept a Rollin',' the only winner above the mix was Perry's feedback-laden guitar" (Lexington Herald-Leader, 1/16/85).

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