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CBS/Columbia C/FC/CT/CK-40855 (USA, 6/29/87)
CBS/Columbia CT/CK-57370 (USA, 1993)


A1. Back in the Saddle (4:39) - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
A2. Walk This Way (4:22) - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
A3. Movin' Out (5:45) - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
A4. Draw the Line (5:05) - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
B1. Same Old Song and Dance (5:23) - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry
B2. Last Child (3:44) - Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford
B3. Let the Music Do the Talking (5:47) - Joe Perry
B4. Toys in the Attic (4:05) - Steven Tyler, Joe Perry


Executive producers: David Krebs and Steve Leber. Produced by Paul O'Neill and Aerosmith; Engineered by James Ball assisted by Jim Henehan. Tracks A1-A3, B1, B2 & B4 recorded live at the Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA, Dec. 31, 1984; Track A4 recorded live at the Ontario Speedway, Ontario, CA, Mar. 18, 1978 during the California Jam II; Track B3 recorded live at the Centrum, Worcester, MA, Mar. 12, 1986 by Sam Kooper. Much of the "Done with Mirrors" show was broadcast as a Westwood One radio show the week of June 23, 1986. Three other songs from the show ("She's on Fire," "The Hop," and "My Fist Your Face") had also been released on the "Specially-Priced Limited-Edition Live Maxi-Single" in 1986 via Geffen.

Chart Action:

This album did not chart on the Billboard Top-200. From a trade review: "On the heels of group's hit collaboration with Run-D.M.C., 'Walk This Way,' and (as usual) in advance of the group's new Geffen release comes second set of concert shots, mostly from '84 dates. Hot enough, but mainly for the devoted" (Billboard, 7/11/87).


There were no singles issued in support of this compilation.


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